. Lake Malawi 'North'

Lake Malawi 'North'

Chinteche Inn Chinteche Inn

Uniquely, for a lakeshore hotel, Chintheche is able to offer a comprehensive range of activities beyond the water sports and lake. Knowledgeable guides are on hand to lead birding walks in the area, to arrange visits to the nearby local villages, mountain biking trails, and fishing trips with the local fishermen.

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Kaya Mawa & Likoma Island

One of the most isolated and beautiful destinations in Malawi is Likoma Island, the larger of two islands in the northern region of the lake. With breathtaking views of the mountains and wilderness of Mozambique, Likoma remains almost untouched since its discovery by Scottish missionaries at the end of the nineteenth century.

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Mchenga Nkwichi Lodge

Set in a private area of 650 hectares, with four kilometres of beaches and rocky shoreline, rivers, forest and bush, this Lodge has been innovatively designed and built using a mix of traditional local methods and western styles.

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